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27 February 2014


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What we want is set out in our original programme of 2007 and the joint election manifesto on which C.L.A.R.O contested the local election in May, 2011 with CLR - see Manifesto.

  • To CONTINUE to elect councillors from Orihuela Costa to the Orihuela Municipal Council.
  • To prevent a return of the uncontrolled building which has resulted in insufficient services, inadequate infrastructure and has endangered the Environment of the coast.
  • To end the neglect of Orihuela Costa by insisting on the use of our taxes to pay for our infrastructure and service needs - although the coast constitutes 30% of the population of Orihuela and probably provides 50% of the revenue from local taxes, historically only a small part of the budget is devoted to the coast.
  • Greater security for people and property, in particular more policemen.
  • More and better health facilities.
  • Cleaner streets.
  • A properly functioning sewage system to prevent sewage spilling on to our streets.
  • Well maintained parks and gardens.
  • More and better schools for our children.
  • Better public transport.
  • Proper Civic and Social facilities, including an auditorium and library.
  • Preventing the destruction of CALA MOSCA, the last natural green area on the Orihuela coast.
  • More services administered directly in the Playa Flamenca office of the Town Hall with a friendly and efficient, multi-lingual staff, able to deal with the administrative problems faced by local residents.
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