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13 May 2016


Published in Press Releases

Fed up with the failure of Orihuela Town Hall to clean up the main road from La Zenia Roundabout, local business owners and residents, with C.L.A.R.O. members in support,  carried out their own clean up on 12 May,    They removed weeds from the street which had grown to impressive heights and litter from the area which is in a sense the main entry into Orihuela Costa, leading to the La Zenia Boulevard and Villamartin.   It has been in a shameful state of neglect for years.   This would be unimaginable in the centre of Orihuela city where the taxes from the coast are spent to keep the historic centre of Orihuela and the surrounding green parks and gardens scrupulously clean.


We can thank the local La Zenia Association for their initiative and hope it prompts Orihuela Town Hall to do the job we pay them for and keep Orihuela Costa clean and tidy.

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