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STRUGGLE TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN ORIHUELA COSTA The Councillor for the Coast Martina Scheurer and C.L.A.R.O. Councillor Bob Houliston were told last week by the Head of the Alicante Electoral Registration Office (Censo Electoral) that only 15 European Union residents had been added to the electoral register in Orihuela in the last 5 months. The Head of the Alicante Censo was obviously shocked at this low figure because the number of European residents who registered on the Padron in Orihuela in the…
04 October 2014


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REGISTER TO VOTE The clock is ticking. For those who are not on the voters' list, there are less than three months till the list closes at the end of December. C.L.A.R.O. is launching a campaign to increase the number of registered voters in Orihuela Costa and we hope there will be an enthusiastic response from residents.All EU residents who are on the padron (municipal register) have the right to vote in local and European elections. However, less…
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ORIHUELA COSTA FORGOTTEN AGAIN This week the headline in an Orihuela city newspaper was "€320,000 to be invested in improving 8 parks and gardens in Orihuela city and its surrounding villages". What the headline did not say was: "Orihuela Costa nothing". This is scandalous. Orihuela Costa does not have a single park which can be properly called a park. One of the most densely populated parts of Orihuela Costa, La Florida, not only does not have what can be…
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DEMONSTRATION AGAINST REMOVAL OF HOME DELIVERY OF POST Nearly 100 people demonstrated in front of the Playa Flamenca Post Office on Saturday morning to protest against the removal, as of 1 September, of home postal deliveries in five Orihuela Costa urbanizations. Given the menacing weather, this was an impressive turnout. All nationalities were present. Many turned up spontaneously, such is the strength of feeling against this arbitrary and unjustified measure. Protestors included not only residents of the urbanizations concerned but other parts of…
17 September 2014


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COMINGS EVENTS Greetings, Just to remind you of forthcoming important events. Please participate. Friday, 19 September, BRAINSTORMING FOR VOTER REGISTRATION CAMPAIGN, Asturias Restaurant, 5 p.m. Sunday, 21 September, 11 a.m. Demonstration in Support of Environment "Save Cala Mosca". co-ordinated by Roman Gimenez with support of C.L.A.R.O. Leaving from end of Paseo Maritimo, close to Playa Flamenca post office. Easy walk along Cala Mosca seafront. Monday, 22 September at 12 noon, in front of La Zenia Church, END…
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ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE IN ORIHUELA COSTA TO SUPPORT  CARITAS After its great success in raising support for Caritas in Orihuela city, the ice bucket challenge will come to Orihuela Costa. Orihuela Costa Caritas President Luis Cancedo fully supports this initiative. Caritas on the coast looks after over 300 needy people each month. With the participation of local personalities and business owners, the aim is to give a boost to Caritas's efforts to collect food and cash for the needy. Parish priest Don Joaquin Carlos,…
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ANGER AT FILTHY STATE OF ORIHUELA COSTA There is widespread anger at the filthy state of Orihuela Costa. C.L.A.RO. has never heard such strong feelings expressed. The streets are dirty. Litter is everywhere. Garden rubbish accumulates and accumulates sometimes not being removed for weeks. The beaches are cleaned superficially, scratching the surface of the sand but not being cleaned in depth. To save paying overtime, they are not cleaned after their busy use on Saturdays and are consequently left in a filthy…
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SAVE CALA MOSCA - SUPPORT FOR PETITION EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS Thanks to the continuing wide public interest in saving Cala Mosca, the last green area on Orihuela Costa, from excessive and unnecessary house building, in a two week period the Petition organised by C.L.A.R.O. to object to the developer's latest plans, received over 1,800 signatures. This is a remarkable achievement considering that many of the activists who would normally help collect signatures were away on holiday. The Petition and a separate objection (alegación) by C.L.A.R.O.…
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BURNING WASTE TIP - VISIT OF DEPUTY FROM VALENCIA PARLIAMENT On 1 August, at the initiative of C.L.A.R.O. and VERTIVEGA, whose representatives had earlier visited the site, Juan Ponce, Compromis Party Deputy of the Valencia Parliament, visited the immense burning waste tip on the Pilar side of the Pilar-Orihuela Costa border. He was accompanied by Vicente Perez Basante of Vertivega and C.L.A.R.O. Councillor, Bob Houliston. Representatives of the Las Ramblas urbanisations in Orihuela Costa, most affected by the burning tip, were also present. After the…
28 July 2014


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SAVE CALA MOSCA Download the Petition Thanks to C.L.A.R.O.'s action in bringing the future of Cala Mosca before the European Parliament, there is now another opportunity for all those who hope to save this last green area on Orihuela Costa from the building of 1,500 new houses, to make their voice heard.A public consultation has started on the developer's proposals to safeguard the environment of Cala Mosca and in particular the two endangered species which are present and…
15 July 2014


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BURNING WASTE TIP Media representatives attended a presentation on 15 July by representatives of the urbanisations most affected and members of C.L.A.R.O. at the site of a burning waste tip close to Las Ramblas golf course.The burning waste tip is huge, up to 20 metres high and covering an area of some 150,000 square metres (the equivalent of dozens of football pitches). It is situated on the Pilar side of the Pilar-Orihuela border close to the Sierra Escalona…
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