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Garden waste in Cabo Roig – uncleared for week In a policy move which will cause deep resentment in Orihuela Costa, the Mayor of Orihuela has mobilised the local police to impose fines of up to €3000 on residents for putting out garden waste for collection in places and on days which do not conform to the schedule of the supposed twice weekly regular collection service. It is understood that already a dozen fines have been levied. Let us be clear what this means.…
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The public meeting held in the Orihuela Costa Civic Centre today by the Alicante Diputación on voting rights and the padron brought to light some important new information about registering on the padron, voting rights and a correction in the information about voter registration applications by post.There was a clarification and a new interpretation of existing rules. First, the clarification. The Playa Flamenca office of the Town Hall will accept applications for registration on the…
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Good news for Orihuela Costa. In the coming days, the Electoral Registration Office (Censo Electoral) will send more than 3,000 voting application forms by post to EU residents living in Orihuela Costa. They are the lucky ones who have registered on the Orihuela padron since 2010. The number is impressive. These "new" residents will be mostly British and Irish but with a good number from other European Union countries. Together, the non-Spanish EU population is…
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EL AYUNTAMIENTO DE ORIHUELA ABANDONA  A LOS BAÑISTAS DE ORIHUELA COSTA Esta mañana hemos vuelto a constatar las grandes carencias en servicios que padecemos en Orihuela Costa. Ha estado a punto de ocurrir una desgracia en la playa de la Zenia, debido a las malas condiciones del mar, con una gran resaca, y la falta del servicio de socorristas en nuestras playas.Dos personas mayores han estado a punto de ahogarse por este motivo. ante la mirada atónita de más de 200 bañistas que esos momentos disfrutaban…
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GREEN DISASTER IN ORIHUELA COSTA Only a few months ago, the Green Party Mayor of Orihuela and his Green Party Councillor for Orihuela Costa, told us that they had found the environmentalists' dream solution to the problem of garden waste in Orihuela Costa. Instead of it being transported for disposal to Crevillente 50 kilometres away it would be collected and transported to San Pedro del Pinatar a few kilometres down the coast where it would be crushed, transformed into pellets…
26 September 2013

NEWSLETTER "Autumn, 2013"

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POLITICAL STALEMATE CONTINUE This summer, there were high hopes that the ultra minority government of Orihuela, which has been without a majority for over a year, would finally fall, enabling a Popular Party-C.L.A.R.O. majority to govern. Unfortunately, at the last moment these hopes were dashed. The minority government has been able to hang on to power without the means to govern effectively since Pedro Mancebo of the CLR party expelled C.L.A.R.O. Councillor Bob Houliston and…
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Together with the Mayor of Orihuela, a Member of the European Parliament, Mr. Irazabalbeitia, visited Cala Mosca on 19 September. Coming after a long and disturbing silence following the submission, organised by C.L.A.R.O. of 1,000 completed questionnaires to the Orihuela Town Hall during the public consultation on Cala Mosca in April this year , this initiative is to be welcomed. For nearly 6 months people living on the coast have been wondering what follow up…
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EL GOBIERNO EN MINORIA DEL PSOE Y LOS VERDES DEJA A ORIHUELA  COSTA EN UN ESTADO LAMENTABLE EN PLENA TEMPORADA TURISTICA. Ante las numerosas denuncias que nos han llegado de los vecinos de la Costa, al Partido CLARO de Orihuela Costa, ayer Domingo 14-julio pudimos ver con incredulidad eL estado lamentable en que ha sumido el gobierno del Psoe y los Verdes a la Costa de Orihuela en esta temporada estival.Visitamos durante varias horas la mayoría de las Urb. de la Costa y pudimos observar en el mal estado que se encuentran urbanizaciones emblemáticas como La…
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The full Orihuela council meeting (Plenary) in May voted for extra help for victims of the economic crisis. A municipal "soup kitchen" would be set up in Orihuela and charities such as CARITAS in Orihuela and Orihuela costa would benefit from additional budget support of €250,000. An additional amount of €400,000 would be directed to provide school meals for children in the municipal schools who do not benefit from existing schemes. Bob Houliston, C.L.A.R.O. Councillor,…
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In the scramble to fill the gaps in the government team running Orihuela after the Constitutional Court ended the practice of using non-elected councillors to run government departments, Manuel Gallud of the Green Party, previously a non-elected councillor, moved up to an elected councillor post after the resignation of the number three on the Green Party electoral list. He had two conditions for accepting the post. One was that he could continue to work in…
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The failure of the government to establish a centre for young people (16- 30 years) living on the coast and to promote activities for them, such as training for employment, was the reason Bob Houliston voted against a proposal of the government to set up a Forum for youth groups to discuss Town Hall supported activities. Bob Houliston argued that such a forum was not a priority and would freeze a situation of inequality and…
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