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Court decisions on the final amounts which Orihuela Town Hall owes to individuals and companies whose land was expropriated years ago for the widening of the N332 on Orihuela Costa have been arriving steadily through 2011-2013. The total amount is over €1.3 million and nearly €500,000 is urgently due for payment. However, the government has not paid any of the bills. It did not make provision to do so in its budget, approved late in…
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Another subject of importance was a vote in the plenary in November on the use of funds obtained from the sale of land in Orihuela Costa. C.L.A.R.O. had objected to the sale of land arguing that there was too little municipal land in Orihuela Costa and with so few municipal facilities for residents, it was a mistake to sell it for house-building. The protest was in vain and the government proceeded to sell land for…
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Martina Scheurer, Councillor for the Coast, was criticised severely for wasting money on renovating an avenue leading to the beach in La Zenia. This work, consisting mainly of widening the pavements, is necessary but at the beginning of the summer she authorised works which would have cost some €30,000 for temporary improvements for parking cars in the same street. Now this work is being undone to allow the new renovation project to be executed. No…
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In reply to a question by C.L.A.R.O. Councillor Bob Houliston, who had raised the issue at the meeting on voting rights in the Civic Centre on 14 November, Martina Scheurer confirmed that those on the municipal padron would no longer require RESIDENCIA in order to register to vote for municipal and European Parliament elections. The Mayor said he would ensure that this clarification was provided to all local government officials in charge of the Padron.…
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The full Orihuela council meeting (Plenary) in May voted for extra help for victims of the economic crisis. A municipal "soup kitchen" would be set up in Orihuela and charities such as CARITAS in Orihuela and Orihuela costa would benefit from additional budget support of €250,000. An additional amount of €400,000 would be directed to provide school meals for children in the municipal schools who do not benefit from existing schemes. Bob Houliston, C.L.A.R.O. Councillor,…
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In the scramble to fill the gaps in the government team running Orihuela after the Constitutional Court ended the practice of using non-elected councillors to run government departments, Manuel Gallud of the Green Party, previously a non-elected councillor, moved up to an elected councillor post after the resignation of the number three on the Green Party electoral list. He had two conditions for accepting the post. One was that he could continue to work in…
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The failure of the government to establish a centre for young people (16- 30 years) living on the coast and to promote activities for them, such as training for employment, was the reason Bob Houliston voted against a proposal of the government to set up a Forum for youth groups to discuss Town Hall supported activities. Bob Houliston argued that such a forum was not a priority and would freeze a situation of inequality and…
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In a long interview in the La Verdad newspaper on 3 June, Manuel Gallud, the new Green Party big boy in the government, said that despite its minority status, the Socialist and Green Party government still had hopes of proving that they could govern well now that Pedro Mancebo, CLR party leader, had been expelled from the government. He said that if he would criticise his Green Party colleague, the Mayor, for one thing, it…


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